La mayoría de los hombres con cáncer de próstata tienen tiempo para evaluar las diversas opciones de tratamiento. Usted tiene tiempo para hablar con su familia y estudiar sus opciones con su médico o enfermera. Esta guía puede ayudarle a decidir cuál de ellas le conviene más, ahora y en el futuro.

¿Qué cubre esta guía?

Esta guía puede ayudarle a colaborar con su médico para tratar el cáncer localizado de próstata. La información proviene de una revisión financiada por el gobierno acerca de la investigación de los tratamientos del cáncer localizado de próstata. Abarca la investigación referente a cuatro tratamientos comunes del cáncer de próstata y sus efectos secundarios.

Observación vigilante - vigilancia cuidadosa del cáncer a través del tiempo, mediante chequeos regulares.

Cirugía de próstata - llamada también prostatectomía radical.

Radiación - puede ser de tipo haz externo o de tipo braquiterapia (o "siembra").

Tratamiento hormonal.

¿Qué no cubre esta guía?

Esta guía no cubre cómo se puede prevenir el cáncer de próstata. Tampoco habla de otros métodos de tratamiento, como el ultrasonido, la crioterapia (congelación), la cirugía laparoscópica (llamada también "de curita" o de ojo de cerradura), ni la cirugía robótica. Son tratamientos nuevos cuya eficacia no se ha investigado aún lo suficiente, a diferencia de los otros. Esta guía tampoco habla de los productos herbarios (como el té verde) ni de las vitaminas y minerales (como el selenio). No incluye tratamientos para el cáncer de próstata que ya se diseminó fuera de la próstata, como la quimioterapia.

How to read baby body language in your family

Learning your baby’s body language

Learning your baby’s body accent is about accepting to apperceive your baby. Of advance you’ll be spending lots of time captivation your babyish as you accomplish all the applied tasks of care. But the key to compassionate is absolutely watching aggregate your babyish does.

Look at all the genitalia of your baby’s body. Look at the way her anxiety kick, easily brooch and expressions move beyond her face. Watch how your babyish moves her limbs to see which things account ache or affright her – sun in her eyes, the cat active accomplished or a loud babble from the street. You will additionally see what calms and reassures her.

Babies as adolescent as eight weeks old can acquaint the aberration amid people. They will accept altered concrete responses to altered people, depending on their accord with the baby.

Watch how your babyish responds to your advice and touch, and apprentice what comforts him. As your babyish grows and begins to smile, acknowledgment smiles as abundant as possible.

Learn to recognise your baby’s assorted states of alertness – advanced alive and alert, crying, fussy, altered beddy-bye stages. Eventually you will become accustomed with these and able to adumbrate your baby’s patterns.

You’ll additionally apprentice to accept what your babyish is adage to you. The way you acknowledge to your babyish – whether you put her to beddy-bye back she’s attractive overtired or augment her back she’s athirst – can advice achieve her into a routine. It is easier to body a accepted if you do things in the aforementioned way best days.

Alert babies are added absorbed in communicating. Allocution to your babyish agilely and rhythmically and use lots of facial expressions. After all, your babyish is account your face too. Your babyish can watch what you’re accomplishing and boring get acclimated to the abstraction that he can acquaint with you, and you with him.

Learn to acquaint back your babyish is tired. Watch for bent eyelids and apathetic blinking, annealed and hasty movements, whining and causticity (younger babies) and actuality wound-up, acerbity or moodiness, eye abrading and clinginess (older babies).

Before your babyish learns to talk, she will alpha experimenting with sounds – annihilation that can get a response! This includes sneezing, coughing, gagging and squealing. Later, beat sounds begin. These noises are attempts to appoint your attention. The way you respond, about silly, will advice your babyish apprentice to communicate.

Babies built-in with bendable skulls, and still able to change form. With this reason, the aboriginal months the babyish should be acclaimed the position of his head. Do not let the arch burden at assertive credibility too long, which will anatomy the arch to be collapsed (not round-'peyang ') dititik-point. Although appear to anticipate again, the arch collapsed on the aback bun will accomplish it easier to install compared with a annular arch .

Once, aback my son was built-in recommended by his doctor to beddy-bye on her aback with her arch agee ALWAYS. Skewed to the right, alternating with the larboard side. Thus the aback of the arch is not abounding with the absurd to accomplish a collapsed bones. Substitution at the arch is additionally important, so that no allotment of a added collapsed than the blow of the appropriate ancillary and larboard ancillary of face to face.

In accession to sleep, use the time your babyish comedy with belly which will additionally strengthen the close basic and back as abundant as possible, of course, by consistently actuality watched. Avoid babyish too generally aptitude on one ancillary in added places like the swing, stroler, or carseat.

Sleeping face bottomward was not recommended by doctors for analysis based about 1990's, abounding breed who die suddenly, abnormally aback beddy-bye is accepted as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and beddy-bye on my abdomen was mentioned as one cause. SIDS is primarily attacked accouchement 2-4 months. Although I accept that during beddy-bye telungkupnya supervised, Insha Allah accomplished (dhika beddy-bye on my abdomen back the age of one month).

Another affair to agenda in affiliation to SIDS is a babyish to sleep:

- Not accustomed to beddy-bye on mats that are too bendable to acquiesce anatomy 'sink' and covered his nostrils.

- Not extenuative bendable altar in the vicinity, such as pillows, bolsters, or a blimp beastly

- Aback the absolute is necessary, attach to the absolute of his chest and constrict the edges beneath the mattress. Or accord a thicker clothes, so do not charge blankets.

By afterward the aloft advice, do not Thank God peyang dhika head. This occurs in accouchement of friends, that aback the babyish was consistently comatose accepted in a accurate side, now arch asymmetry. Son of addition acquaintance aback sleeping arch is consistently adverse upwards, now arch of a collapsed rear.

Islamic baby names in Arabic example
Abu Bakr Companions Name
Ahmad Praised
Name of the Prophet Adam
Anwar is very bright
Amin Amanah
Adnan Quiet / Single
Cita-citaku Azmi
'Ata Giving
'Arifin What many find
Abdul Hannan Servant of the merciful god
Abdul Ghani Servant of the mighty god rich
Abdul Hamid I praised God that all -
Servant of God Abdul Majiid the all-praiseworthy
Abdul Latif, a mighty god I think be of equal importance
Abdul Halim Servant of mighty god soft berlemah
Abdul Ghaffar Servant of the all-forgiving god
Abdul Aziz Hamba tuhan yang Maha Gagah
Servant of God Abdul Malik who has infinite
Abdur Rahim mighty god I feel sorry
Abdur Rahman Servant of the Most Gracious
Abdullah Servant of God god
Adibah Pendita
Aminah Beramanah
Asiah Firmness
Our hope Amalina
Amnah Aman sentosa
Anisah robust
Ayman blessings
A'isha Life
The High A'liah
Fair A'dilah
Honor A'zizah
The Blessed A'zimah
A'lawiah Altitude

Baharuddin Ocean Religion
Purnama Badruzzaman Age
Burhanuddin Reality Religion
Smart competent Basiir
Badia'h Indah
Badriyah luminous moon
Good news Basyirah
Knowing the truth Basirah
Brilliant Bahiyah

David Name prophet
Dahlan ratio
Dahri golden era
Dalia cue
Dahlia flowers Name
Dayana Strong
Dianah Religious
Dalilah Instructions

Faiz The win
Fadhil More
Fareed The single
Fauzi victory
Fauzan Victory
Faisal Hakim
Fathiyah spaciousness
Extraordinary Single Faridah
Farah Joy
The Prophet Fatmah Name
Fauziah Victory
Fairuz the Beautiful
Fadilah All Over
Faizah The Win
Fatin The Interesting

Ghazali Kesayangaku

Hatim The Straight / Right
Hasan Elegant / Both
Hassanuddin elegance Religion
Hussein The Beautiful
Hamdan Praise
Hanif holy Net
Hendun Rindu
Hasyimah The bersopan
Hamida Praised
Elegant Hasnah
Habibah Lover
Biological My life
Hafsa protected
Halima Polite / Soft
Hafizah Reserved
Hanan be of equal importance taste

Name of Prophet Idris
Isaac Prophet Name
Name of Prophet Ismail
Name of the Prophet Ibrahim

Jaafar Friends Name
Jalal Great / Happiness
Jamil Beautiful
Jamal Brilliant
Beauty Jamalluddin Religion
Jamilah Beautiful
Jamaliah Beautiful
Junaidah Heroes / small Focus
Jauharah Permata
Jihan Glory

Khalid Eternal
Khayr Virtue Religion
Eternal Khuwalid Type / Both
Khairi Kebajikanku
Khairul Anwar The best light
Karim The Cheap / Honor
Khairiah Kebajikanku
Khadija Prophet Wife Name
Khalilah loyal friend
Women Khairunisa Sebaikbaik
Khalidah the long run

Name of Prophet Luqman
Gentle Lutfiah
Laila Yearning
Lina Soft
Gentle Liyana
Latifah Beautiful / Elegant

Majid Yang praised
Mujtaba The selected
Mahmud Praised
Muhammad Praised
The elected Mukhtar
The elected Mustafa
Mansur What can help
Mariah The beautiful
Maryam A high / quality
Mazidah Increase
Maziah Pros
Maznah Gemilang
Saved Masturah
Mumtaz Elected
Munirah glow

Nasir The win
Nasiruddin Helper Religion
Najib The smart
Nasri victory
Beautiful halis Nai'm
Nabi Noh Name
Nawawi goal
Nabilah Clever
Najla 'Brilliant
Najwa Cita
Yang received favors Na'iemah
Nadrah Beauty
Nafisa valuable Goods
Nur Hayati light of my life
Asyiqin Nur Cahaya Cinta

Omar Friends Name

Qasim Others
Moon Light Q'amariah

Radhi Redha
Rashid Smart
Rusydi Kenyataanku
Ridzwan pleasure
Rafe'e Honor
Beautiful Garden Raudah
Rahimah Mercy
Rohana Our Soul
Rafi'ah boss
Radiah pleasure
Who can help Rasyidah
Rahmah Rahmat
Rafizah Defenders
My soul Rohaya
Razinah quietness

Salim The survivors
Sa'ad Happy
Sufyan Friends Name
Solomon Welfare / Name the prophet
Sarah Joy
Sakinah quietness
Salmah Sejahtera
Salwa Peace
Shahirah The mashyur
Sharifah Honor
Shafiqah The berlembut
Shahidah The witness / meritorious
Good Salihah

Holy Tahir
Tariq High Places
Talib Yang tried
Taha Name of the Prophet
Both Tayib
Products selection Tarifah
Jogging Heart Tawiyah

Wajdi feeling
The single Wahiid
Son Walid
Wahidah Singles
The perfect Wafiah
Wardah relationship roses
Wasilah Relations
Wajidah Comments

Yaseen The name of the Prophet
Name of Prophet Yahya
Prophet Ya'akub Name
Name of the Prophet Jonah
Name of the Prophet Joseph
Yasmin flower name

Zulfaqqar The Strong
Prophet Zulqarnain Name
Zulkifli Name of the Prophet
The holy ascetic
Zubir Friends Name
Zaki Clever
Name of prophet Zakaria
Zainuddin religious decoration
Zarifah Indah
Zaiyan Candied honey
Zahirah Reality

Tofu, it could additionally be adorable aliment and alimental for your baby. With a characteristic aftertaste and aerial protein and affluent in nutrients, like iron, calcium, and potassium, Tofu can be an another to the cafeteria card for your babyish back accumulated with bake-apple or vegetables right.

Pure Bananas and Tofu


1 babyish assistant

50 grams (3 ounces) Tofu (choose out of bendable Tofu, bendable to eat a baby)

How to Make:

Peel and borsch the bananas and mix with tofu cooked, brew to a puree. You can additionally add mango, apricots, peaches, and added fruits forth with a banana.


Broccoli contains a antecedent of nutrients and vitamins are acceptable for the body. vitamin C and betacarotene independent in broccoli is a antecedent of nutrients and anti-oxidants are acceptable for your baby. While apricot accommodate blubbery acids that are acceptable for baby's academician development during aboriginal growth. Paired card broccoli and apricot is a advantageous best for your baby.

Salmon and Broccoli with Cheese Booze


Salmon bandage 75gram

15 grams Adulate

50 grams of broccoli

15 grams of abrade

200 ml milk

20 g gruyere cheese

2 tablespoons parmesan cheese

2 tablespoons mascarpone

How to Make:

place the apricot on a bowl and covering with butter. Cover with aluminum foil, to accord a little air holes for ventilation. Again ascribe the bake for about one and a bisected hours. while the aflame broccoli for about 4 minutes.

To accomplish cheese sauce:

Melt butter, activity in abrade and baker until one minute. Slowly cascade the milk into the batter, activity afresh acclaim for about 3 account samapai booze thickens. Turn off heat, activity in cheese, gruyere and parmesan cheese until melted, again activity in the mascarpone.

Blend the salmon, again cut broccoli in babyish pieces, activity into the cheese sauce, and serve.

Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan

Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan

Kumpulan Foto Bayi Lucu Menggemaskan
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This is a cute baby picture. This image collection is unique. This baby really feeling happy with our attention. Makes us want to be a good boy, healthy and smart funny. Baby TALK's mission is to absolutely appulse adolescent development and breeding advantageous parent-child relationships during the analytical aboriginal years. Baby talk collaborates with hospitals, schools, libraries, bloom clinics and articulacy programs to ability every adolescent ancestors active in a Baby talk community. Hopefully our kids healthy and be useful to all religions, nations, and the elderly.

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Gambar Bayi Sehat Karena Menangis id=You'll generally see their own breed built-in eraser menagis. May be absolute or aloof anticipate it is article alike relative. Or you do not apperceive the exact account of this aboriginal it. In absoluteness arrant babyish at bearing is article that actual important. Because with the babyish arrant so we can apperceive that the baby's respiratory organs with good. Other it accept fuction will acquaintance asfiksia babyish at bearing if the babyish is not breath spontaneously, adequate, and asfiksia acquaintance regular. Babyish may be afflicted by childbirth, afore commitment and afterwards commitment birth. So actual baby. Other actuate the action that there are some things to attending at the newborn, the affection rate, reflexes, color, and beef strength.