Islamic Baby Names beginning with the letter A
Aban: real Deeds
ABDULLAH: Servant of God
ABDUL AZIZ: Servant of Allah the Mighty
Abdul Bashir: Servant of Allah, Most View
ABDUL BASITH: Servant of Allah, Most enlarge the provision
Abdul Fattah: Servant of Allah, Most Starters
Abdul Ghaffar: Servant of Allah, Most Forgiving
ABDUL GHAFUR: Servant of Allah, Most Giving Forgiveness
ABDUL GHANIYY: Servant of Allah, Most Wealthy
ABDUL HAKAM: Servant of Allah, Most Punishment
ABDUL HAKIM: Servant of Allah, Most Wise
ABDUL HALIM: Servant of Allah, Most Clement
ABDUL HAMID: Servant of Allah, Most Praised
ABDULHAQQ: Servant of Allah, Most True
Abdul Jabbar: Servant of Allah the Most Great
ABDUL JALIL: Servant of Allah, Most Perfect
ABDUL KARIM: Servant of Allah, the Most Generous
Abdul Khaliq: Servant of Allah, the Creator
ABDUL LATIF: Servant of Allah, Most Gentle
ABDUL MAJID: Servant of Allah, the Most Generous
ABDUL MALIK: Servant of Allah, Most rule
ABDUL MUGNI: Servant of God Gives Wealth
ABDUL MUHJI: Turning on the Servant of God
Abdul Muiz: Servant of God that honors
Abdul Mujib: Servant of Allah, Most grant
Abdul Qadir: Servant of Allah Almighty
ABDUL QAHHAR: Servant of Allah, Most Defining
Abdul Rafi: Servant of Allah, the Raising Degrees
ABDUL RAHIM: Servant of Allah, Most Merciful
ABDUL RAHMAN: Servant of Allah, Most Gracious
ABDUL RASYID: Servant of Allah, Most Clever
Abdul Rauf: Servant of Allah, Most Compassionate
ABDUL SHAMAD: Being a Servant of Allah, the Place Request
ABDUL WAHID: Servant of Allaah the Almighty
Abid: People Who Worshiping
Abidin: The Religious People
ABU: Dad / Father
ADAM: Land; men
ADIB: writer, humanist
Abidah: Civilized
ADNAN: Pleasure; heaven; paradise
Afdhal: More Home
AFLAH: More Successful
AHMAD: Praised
Ahnaf: Straight heart; more sacred
Ayman: Right
AKHDAN: Friends
Akmal: More perfect
Akram: More noble
ALAUDIN: Glory of Religion
AL Bayhaqi: Faith, hadith narrators
ALFA: Thousand
ALIM: Berilmu, Knowing
Aliman: Berilmu
Amanullah: Security of God
AMAR: Command
AMIN: Mandate Holders, reliable
AMIR: Lord; long life
Amirudin: Hugger of religion throughout the ages
Amah: People
TRUSTEES: Command; deposit; message
AMINAH: Authoritative
Amirah: Women noble
Amjad: More noble
Amr: Life
Amrullah: Commandments
ANJAB: More important and valuable
ANTA: You; you; you
ANWAR: More shine
Aqabah: Obedience ban
Aqidah: Main Group
ARIF: Wise
ARHAB: Spoiling
Arifuddin: Religious Policy
ARIQAH: Good mind, Majesty
Arkan: Glory, limb
ARKHAB: The grace
ASAD: Lions
ASFAR: Yellow
ASJAD: Gold, pearls
ASLAM: More survivors
Stone: Black
ASYAM: a noble leader
Ashraf: More noble
ATHIYYAH: Provision
Atha: fortune, virtue
ATHALLAH: The grace of God
ATHAYA: Giving Gifts
AUF: Lions
Aufa: Faster
AUS: Wolves
AZHAR: More bright
Azmi: Be strong